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Our quality charter

 Established under our care for quality concerns, the charter is a set of specifications which allows us to produce an oil of prickly pear seeds of very high quality.


• Our oil comes from organic farming, ECOCERT certified according to the European organic regulation No 834/2007 and also according to the NOP standards (National Organic Program) of the United States.


• Our cleaning and drying techniques of prickly pear seeds help to preserve the seed of any damage or contamination.


• To avoid any risk of contamination, our seeds are stored in closed plastic tanks, in adequate temperature and humidity, according to (EC) Regulation No 1935/2004.


• The prickly pear seeds are pressed only once, this means that our oil is obtained by first cold pressed, which preserves all the active elements of the oil.


• Our oil suffered no ionizing treatment and contains no ingredients or additives treated with ionization.

It contains no added adjuvant or animal component.


• Our oil has not been tested on animals.


• A contaminants monitoring plan is in place to ensure compliance with EC regulations.


• Our oil is packaged in metal packaging, plastics and opaque glass (food contact material).

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